[texhax] ifsym dice symbol

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Wed Nov 17 23:35:31 CET 2004

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> I'm trying to include dice in a probability document but I cannot get the
> \Cube symbol to work.
> By having 
> \usepackage[misc]{ifsym}
> in the preamble, and 
> $P(\Cube{5} \cup \Cube{6})$
> in the document it runs without error, but does not return dice.  Rather it
> returns an upper case Greek Psi for \Cube{5} and an upper case Omega for
> \Cube{6}.
> I tried using a different group, i.e. [alpine] and the symbol \Tent returned
> what looks to be a slashed zero (it could be a lower case Greek Phi) rather
> than a tent figure.
> I tried without math mode ($) but I get an error.  Has anyone experience
> with ifsym, especially \Cube for dice?  Any thoughts are greatly
> appreciated.

\Cube is coded as a text-only command.

the following should work

  $P(\text{\Cube{5}} \cup \text{\Cube{6}})$

(not actually tested, mind you)

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