[texhax] foiltex, figure/picture environment

Bryan W. Lepore lepore at brandeis.edu
Mon Nov 8 04:02:49 CET 2004

i am stuck on these two related problems:

1.  getting pdflatex/foiltex to use the picture environment with just like
it does without foiltex.  letters and boxes for example are out of
proportion relative to no foiltex.

.... AND.......

2.  cropping pdflatex-generated figures.  for instance, i have a figure in
latex using the figure and picture environments i want to put in my
pdflatex/foiltex document. latex->dvips->epstopdf is perfect except for
the shabby-looking text.  pdflatex->epstopdf is perfect, except the
dimensions of the figure (if that's the correct way to say it) are too
large, and it ends up on another slide.

i also don't know enough about graphicx/graphic enviroments to make these
figures stay on one slide.  

btw, thanks to Steve Schwartz for tips on using graphic environment w/


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