[texhax] TUGboat 24(2) shipped to printer today

Mimi Burbank mimi at csit.fsu.edu
Sat Nov 6 00:00:16 CET 2004

I'm pleased to announce the upcoming issue of TUGboat -
Volume 24 (2) - was shipped to the printer today and should 
be arriving in your mailbox by the end of the month ..

Mimi Burbank
(for the TUGboat production team)

                 Volume 24, Number 2                    2003

General Delivery
  Karl Berry
        From the president                              159
  Barbara Beeton
        Editorial comments                              160
  John Plaice
        Daniel Taupin, 1936--2003                       162
  Douglas Waud
        What is TeX?                                    163

  Richard Lawrence
        Maths = Typography?                             165
  Federico Garcia
        On musical typesetting: Sonata for TeX
            and METAFONT, Op. 2                         169

Font Forum
  William Adams 
        There is no end: Omega and Zapfino              183
  Timothy Hall
        The METAFONT approach: Implicit, relative, 
           and analytical font design                   200

  Robin Fairbairns, Jim Hefferon, Rainer Schopf,
   Joachim Schrod, Graham Williams, and
   Reinhard Zierke 
        CTAN plans                                      205

  Lars Hellstrom
        Some notes on templates                         208
  David Walden
        Writing a big book --- A first experience
            with LaTeX                                  211
  Apostolos Syropoulos
        Designing packages for \Lambda: An overview     216
  LaTeX Project Team
        LaTeX news, issues 14--16, 2001--2003           221

  Uwe Leuck
        ednotes --- critical edition
             typesetting with LaTeX                     224

Software & Tools
  Kevin Scannell
        Hyphenation patterns for minority languages     236
  Andrew Caird
        LaTeX, genealogy, and the LifeLines software    240

  S.E. Talole, S.B. Phadke
          Generating LaTeX documents through Matlab     245
  Jean-Michel Hufflen
        mlBibTeX's Version 1.3                          249

Hints & Tricks
  Peter Wilson
        Glisterings                                     262
  Mark LaPlante
        The treasure chest                              265

Book Reviews
  Claudio Beccari
        The LaTeX Companion, Second Edition             275
  Douglas Waud and Mimi Burbank
        Guide to LaTeX, 4th Edition                     278

  Les Cahiers GUTenberg:                      
        Contents of Issue 42 (July 2003)                282
  MAPS: Contents of issues 27--28 (2002)                283
 TeXemplares: Contents of issues 4--6 (2003--04)        286

  S.A. Katre, Manjusha Joshi
        Report on the Pune workshop onLaTeX
            and free mathematical software              288
  Nelson Beebe, Wendy McKay, Ross Moore
        TUG at Bay                                      291

News & Announcements
  Calendar                                              294
  TUG 2005 announcement                                 295
  EuroTeX 2005 announcement                              c3

Late-Breaking News
  Mimi Burbank
        Production notes                                296
        Future issues                                   296

TUG Business
  Robin Laakso
        Financial statements for 2003                   296
  TUG 2005 election                                     298
  Institutional members                                 293

   TeX consulting and production services               299
   The LaTeX Companion, 2nd edition, by
       Frank Mittelbach et al.                          299
   Easy Table, Khanh Ha                                 300


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