[texhax] how to include \subsection and \cite on the same line

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Sat Nov 6 17:21:41 CET 2004

rbsingh13 at bellsouth.net :

> Hello,
> I would like to know how to manipulate latex in such a way to include
> a reference after \subsection{} on the same line?
> This is what I would like to accomplish:
> \subsection (or \chapter or \section) then have the \cite on the same
> line then continue with the rest of the text as the normal subsection
> format (i.e. a line below).
> This is how I would like it to look:
> 1.1.2 Amplifier Design(Subsection Font) [2](body font)
> Body Text
> Anytime I try to place the \cite command, the only way I know how
> (i.e. within the \subsection environment to be on the same line), it
> shows up in the table of contents (which I don't want!) and also shows
> up as the same font as the \subsection.

you have just gotten your answer on comp.text.tex

just to recap:

\subsection[toc and header text]{subsection title}

\cite should go in the {...} bit and you *have* to remember the [...] part



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