[texhax] book to buy?

Philip G. Ratcliffe philip.ratcliffe at uninsubria.it
Tue Jan 20 16:04:38 CET 2004

> Can anyone recommend a book on Latex. I know
> nothing can replace texhax but I think it's
> time to get a book on the subject.

Far be it from me to dissuade anyone from buying a book (and reading it!),
but don't forget that there is a mine of information in the guides and
documentation that are contained, e.g., in the MiKTeX installation.  There
is also Robin Fairbairns' pretty exhaustive FAQ, which is always worth
consulting before embarking on an attempt to "solve" a LaTeX problem.

Anyway, Lamport's book is pretty good fare for a would-be LaTeXer while a
would-be [La]TeXhacker might find Schwarz's Introduction to TeX useful to
understand the inner workings of TeX in general and start writing macros.

Cordialmente,  Philip G. Ratcliffe

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