[texhax] book to buy?

Martin Røpcke mr at xosoftware.dk
Tue Jan 20 17:02:47 CET 2004

>is also Robin Fairbairns' pretty exhaustive FAQ, which is always worth
>consulting before embarking on an attempt to "solve" a LaTeX problem.
I do consult your suggestions but it's nice to have a book for bed time 
reading, traveling, and the like.

>Anyway, Lamport's book is pretty good fare for a would-be LaTeXer while a
>would-be [La]TeXhacker might find Schwarz's Introduction to TeX useful to
>understand the inner workings of TeX in general and start writing macros.
It appears to be somewhat difficult to get. I would very much like to 
learn more about the inner workings of (La)Tex. Are there other equally 
valuable sources you (or anyone else) can reccomend?

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