[texhax] Questions to install TeXLive

Jean-Claude Evard jean-claude.evard at wku.edu
Tue Jan 6 19:47:20 CET 2004


I am an old member of TUG. I have paid 65 dollars every
year to get help to install a TeX equipment on my PC.
I have tried to install TeXLive on the hard drive of my PC
every year, and I have never been able to install it correctly
so far.

     This year, I would like to install it without mistakes.

I have received TeXLive, Edition 9, 2003 from TUG.

I have a new PC, Dell, Optiplex, GX 260,
Operating system: Microsoft Window XP
Processor: Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.66 GHz
512 MB RAM
Hard disk: 37.2 GB,         32.5 GB of free space.

My PC is new and it has never had any TeX system before.

My PC is connected to the network
of Western Kentucky University.

I would like to install the most absolutely totally complete
TeX equipment on my hard disk.


Question 1: Last year, I paid 40 dollars for a license for
WinEdt, and I do have my license number. Is it possible
to install WinEdt at the same time I install TeXLive ? If not,
in what folder of TeXLive should I install WinEdt ? How do
I connect WinEdt to TeXLive ? So far, it has never worked

Question 2: Do both the "CD install" and the "DVD" contain
the exactly the same totally complete system, with only the
difference that one is compressed and the other one is not
compressed ?

Question 3: I am reading the instructions to install
TeXLive on


where I read that on page 1 of the "Wizard",
Figure 2, we have to choose between:

1. Quick install
2. Install for all users
3. Install XEmTeX support.

I cannot choose 1, because I do not want a partial install,
I want an absolutely complete install.

I cannot choose 2, because I want to install on my own
PC, for myself, not on all the PC's of the university, for all
of the members of the university who don't even know me.

I cannot choose 3, because it installs only XEmTeX support,
and nothing else. What I want is everything, the most
complete TeX system.

Which one must I choose to get the complete
system ? Should I first run 1 and second run 3 ?

Question 4: On Figure 2, we must give the address of
a local depot for files on the CDROM. What's that ?
How can we choose or determine this address ?

Question 5: On Figure 3, we must give the address of
"Home TeXMF Tree". It is extremely important that I give
an address, otherwise, the other years, I had files going
to servers of the university anywhere, except on my own
PC. Should I give

c:\TeXLive2003\                              ?????
or c:\TeXLive2003\Home                  ?????
or c:\TeXLive2003\texmf-----home      ????

Question 6; On Figure 3, "Scheme selection", which
scheme should I choose to get the most totally
complete TeX system ?

Question 7: On Figure 4, is there a fast way to select
absolutely all the packages ? I know absolutely none
of the names of the files. The only way for me is to select
all the files. How can I select absolutely all these files
without having to check all of these boxes for several
hours ?

     I hope you can help me.

     With best regards,
                                 Jean-Claude Evard
Jean-Claude Evard
Department of Mathematics
Western Kentucky University
Bowling Green, KY 42101-3576

E-mail: Jean-Claude.Evard at wku.edu

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