[texhax] Questions to install TeXLive

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Jan 7 16:02:32 CET 2004

    I have tried to install TeXLive on the hard drive of my PC
    every year, and I have never been able to install it correctly
    so far.

I'm sorry to hear it.  I don't use Windows myself, so my help is going
to be limited, but I'll answer what I can.  I hope some of the Windows
experts on this list will help with your questions.

    Question 2: Do both the "CD install" and the "DVD" contain
    the exactly the same totally complete system, 


    2. Install for all users

I think you want this one, because I believe the option really means
"all users on the current computer".  It's not going to go out and mess
with anything on the network.  The wording is unfortunate.

    Question 4: On Figure 2, we must give the address of
    a local depot for files on the CDROM. What's that ?
    How can we choose or determine this address ?

That's the drive letter where the TeX Live CD is available under
Windows.  Usually G:.  You can find out by looking under My Computer, if
you don't know.

    Question 5: On Figure 3, we must give the address of
    "Home TeXMF Tree"

I believe that's for a "home directory".  You don't need it.  Make sure
all the other entries use directories on your local disk.

    Question 6; On Figure 3, "Scheme selection", which
    scheme should I choose to get the most totally
    complete TeX system ?

In the Unix install, there is an option "Generic Full TeXLive scheme".
I hope it is there in Windows too.  But I don't think the scheme is
crucial.  It's the package/collection selection which determines what
really gets installed.

    Question 7: On Figure 4, is there a fast way to select
    absolutely all the packages ? 

I sure hope so, but I don't see it mentioned in the documentation :(.
On Unix, you can just choose "+" to install everything (this is what I
always do myself).  Is there a root package you can select that will
automatically select everything else.

I hope this is a little help, anyway.  Sorry I can't speak authoritatively.


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