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Tom Schneider toms at ncifcrf.gov
Mon Jan 5 19:50:51 CET 2004


>          I have followed this thread with interest. I have heard this 
> question asked many times. My opinion, which may be incorrect, is that it's 
> easy to translate text, footnotes, bibliography, and even simple macros 
> from LaTeX to Word. It is less easy to translate formulas, although rough 
> translation of math symbols and Greek letters is possible and easy. More 
> complicated stuff cannot be translated, unless you create the TeX formulas 
> with special software. Figures are impossible to translate.
>          Please correct me, someone, if I am wrong here.

Agreed.  Scott Prahl (prahl at bme.ogi.ed) has gotten latex2rtf into
pretty good form - good enough that all the simple formulas in our
recently published paper translated without a hitch:



>          I wrote my own translator from LaTeX to rtf (the rtf language is 
> public), which is readable by Word and other word-processing software. I'm 
> sure the CTAN translators are fine for simple stuff, since I had no trouble 
> writing my own.

Perhaps you and Scott could compare notes.

>          If you do all your figures in eps, both LaTeX and Word can handle 
> them. As for complex formulas, there is no way, unless you convert them to 
> eps or something else Word can read, possibly from a pdf file. I don't know.

Right, unless you are submitting a paper to a journal, in which case
images may not be acceptable.


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