[texhax] windows developer for TeX Live?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Jan 3 23:51:33 CET 2004

As we start another development cycle for TeX Live, we thought it an
opportune time to ask for additional volunteers.

One particular task that could use additional assistance is the Windows
support, i.e., fpTeX (http://www.fptex.org), the Windows port of Web2c.
Fabrice (Popineau) continues to do an amazing job on this, but if any
there are any other experienced Windows programmers out there who could
help, that would be great.

Just as an example, windvi is somewhat stalled behind xdvi, since
Fabrice has been concentrating on pdf support.

Also for Windows and for the whole distribution, we'd love to get more
testing in *advance* of the release this year.  Last year, we got a
number of reports only after the final CD's were cut.  Too late.

If you're interested, willing, and able, please let me know.


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