[texhax] custom verbatim macro

Jan Zouhar janzouhar at quick.cz
Sat Jan 3 16:03:16 CET 2004

i tried create my custom tex verbatim macro, that takes input text
between \verbatim  ... \verbatimend, prints it without interpreting (
like other verbatim macros do), prints some separator and finally prints
the input text processed by tex.

ex: \berbatim $a \rightarrow b$ 
output: $a \rightarrow b$  --  a->b

My problem is that i can read input, set category of special characters
to 12, print non-interpreted text but i can't set category of special
characters back to get interpreted output. 
So i get output: $a \rightarrow b$  -- $a \rightarrow b$

Can anubody help me, please?



        \tt }

        \verbatimprint }


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