[texhax] Converting from LaTeX to MS Word

Konstantin Karapetyan cyrtex at photonica.ru
Thu Dec 23 09:11:03 CET 2004

> Have you ever made formulas with MS Formula editor? They are ugly,
> believe me.
MS Equation Editor is out of question for scientific papers. TeX2Word
requires MathType (free of charge). And MathType produces very nice
equations, though it is not nearly as powerful in formatting multiple
equations as LaTeX (of course :)). A bit worse look inline equations,
but that's the problem of Word, not MathType. Also, unlike LaTeX,
MathType has limited functionality, so there may occur equations not
reproducible with MathType.

But really, MathType is good for people who are unlucky as I am and
are forced to use MS Word for their papers sometimes. I'd recommend
learning it if that's the case.

> If beautiful documents are the reason for using LaTeX, it is
> curios to use latex and then make an ugly word file out of it.
As far as I understand, the problem is that a text is already prepared
with LaTeX and one needs to read and edit it without LaTeX. If this is
the case, neither PDF->Word nor LaTeX2HTML converters will do. Because
they lead to non-editable equations. 

So far, I see no good solution to the problem, and T2W looks the most
reasonable one.

Happy *TeXing*!

P.S. It would be great if LaTeX2HTML was made to produce
markup-language-based (i.e., editable) rather than graphical
equations. That would be a solution, but I am not a programmer and I
wonder if it is possible at all.

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