[texhax] Converting from LaTeX to MS Word

Konstantin Karapetyan cyrtex at photonica.ru
Tue Dec 21 19:23:30 CET 2004

Dear Greg,

As far as I know, TeX2Word is the only and actually a very useful
utility if one needs to get an editable Microsoft-native file from a
LaTeX file. It really converts LaTeX equations into MathType ones and
the overall result looks quite reasonable.

TeX and Word are very different systems created with different users
and aims in mind. Generally, a TeX file cannot be converted into MS
Word format correctly. Just like one cannot accurately convert between
GIF and JPEG. 

The main drawback of the T2W is that it uses the built-in TeX
compiler rather than the compiler you have installed on your system.
This means, that it can only understand the commands it supports. The
worst news for me personally is that it cannot convert files with
amsmath commands which I use extensively. Thus if I need to convert a
text into Word I have to make it as simple as possible beforehand.


> I need to convert a LaTeX file (which includes mathematical
> formulas/equations) into MS Word.  Are you aware of a conversion
> utility to make this happen?
> I’ve tried Tex2Word (Chikrii), but it doesn’t seem to work on equations/formulas.

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