[texhax] Dec 2004 TUG news: software, TUGboat, online pub, election, conferences

Karl Berry karl at tug.org
Wed Dec 15 18:48:52 CET 2004

Dear TeX user,

The latest news from TUG:

- Production on the TeX Collection 2004 software (TeX Live, proTeXt, CTAN)
  is well underway; the DVD's and CD's are being pressed.  We hope to
  ship the discs by the end of the year; it depends on mailing delays, etc.

- TUGboat 24(2) has shipped to TUG members for 2003.  If you
  were not a member then, you can order printed copies through the TUG
  store (http://tug.org/store/).  It is also available online:

- TUG has begun an initiative for an online publication, focused on
   short, practical items.  We have collected some material for a first
   issue.  At this point, we'd like to ask for volunteers to work on the
   LaTeX style (started but nowhere near complete), and/or proofreaders.
   If you'd like to help, please email pracjourn at tug.org.

- 2005 is an election year for TUG.  If you are interested in running
  for TUG president or serving on the TUG board, the deadline for
  nominations is February 1, 2005.  For forms and information:

- Upcoming TeX conferences:
  . EuroTeX 2005 will take place in Pont-a-Mousson, France, from
    March 7-11, 2005, commemorating the 16th anniversary of the
    founding of both Dante and GUTenberg.  Registration deadline is
    January 31, 2005.
  . Practical TeX 2005 will take place in Chapel Hill, North Carolina,
    from June 14-17, 2005.  The keynote speaker will be Nelson Beebe.
    The deadline for proposals is March 1, 2005, but the sooner the better!

  . TUG 2005 will take place in Wuhan, China, from August 23-25, 2005,
    sponsored by TUG and CTUG (the Chinese TeX User Group).
    If you would like to apply for financial support to attend TUG 2005,
    please see http://tug.org/bursary/ -- deadline is March 25, 2005.

As always, please don't hesitate to contact us (tug-news at tug.org) with
questions, suggestions, or information.

Karl Berry (president) on behalf of the TUG board

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