[texhax] Problem with Generating Bibliography Citations

Bradley, Sam E Jr LCC-ERDC-ITL-MS Sam.E.Bradley.Jr at lcc01.usace.army.mil
Mon Sep 29 08:47:20 CEST 2003

I am a very new LaTeX user and am struggling with the citation capability in
the new (5 September 2003) version of apacite.bst.  I am needing both the
author and date to be cited in the finished text of my document, but only
the author's name gets generated.  My .bib file looks like

    author  = {Bradley, Sam E.},
    title   = {{K}nowledge {M}anagement In The {R}egional {B}usiness
{N}orthwestern {D}ivision, {US} {A}rmy {C}orps of {E}ngineers
    school  = {Washington State University},
    year    = {2001},
        address = {Vancouver, WA},
        month   = {Dec}

I am using the command   \cite{1}   in my .tex file.  

However, the output merely says   (Bradley, ).

I have tried the   \citeA   command as well, but without any improvement.  

My software version is MikTex 2.3.  

Any ideas?  Thanks.  Sam.....

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