[texhax] textmerg issue

Jan Bruners lists at bruners.de
Tue Sep 16 15:36:08 CEST 2003


I use the textmerg package to create grade notices. Everything works fine, but
the first entry in my .dat file is treated differently. In the following code

\raisebox{44pt}{\parbox[t]{3,5cm}{\scriptsize{Albertus Magnus Platz\\
D\,-\,50923 Köln\\ Tel (0221) 470-5236\\ Fax (0221) 470-5107\\
jan.bruners at uni-koeln.de}}}\\

\textbf{\Anrede\ \Vorname\ \Nachname}

the first line of the first entry after the \raisebox is significantly higher
than in other entries. If, for example, I include some other text after the
raisebox, the field variables appear in exactly the same position as on the
other pages.

What might be the problem here?


Jan Bruners

Barbarus hic ergo sum, quia non intellegor ulli. - Ovid

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