[texhax] latex trough a webbrowser ?

Christoph Ridder Christoph_Ridder at fc.supportcenter.dk
Mon Sep 8 16:42:12 CEST 2003

I'm sysadm at a large school in Denmark
i'm using debian linux on my servers and windows xp on the

Severel of my students including some of the science staff
are working at home with 
latex but would like to use it on school computers as well. 

I'm using webmin and usermin to give students access to
their files. 
I would like to offer my students and the staff an
oppertunity to write 
latex files - and watch the output on any of the schools
computers without 
having to install a total miktex on each of the machines. 

Is there a posibillity to run latex (we're mostly
interestet in pdflatex) trough
a webbrowser window ?  either as a direkte webside
cgi-script with
compile buttons and watch log file buttons 

or maybe through a java applet ?

Christoph Ridder

Christoph Ridder
Fysik Kemi Datavejledning på
Randers HF og VUC
Nålemagervej 110
8900 Randers

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