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Art Werschulz agw at cs.columbia.edu
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> My friend Ofer Biham has to submit a LaTeX article, in pdf form, so
> that the article will consist of two separate files -- one file
> would be the article, the other file wil be the bibliography.

I had the same problem with NSF Grant Proposals.  The "Project Description"
and "References Cited" are supposed to be two separate files.

> Is it possible to create two separate files using LaTeX + bibTeX?
> How can this be done?
Create the paper as one LaTeX file (say, article.tex) in the usual
way.  The only change is that you should put a \newpage before the
\bibliography{...} command.  If you need the first page of the
bibliography to be page 1, you'll need to put \setcounter{page}{1}
between these two commands.

Assuming that the paper itself is 15 pages long, issue the Unix shell
  dvips -n 15 -o article.ps article
  dvips -p=16 -o bibliography.ps article
  ps2pdf article.ps
  ps2pdf bibliography.ps
You now have PDF files article.pdf and bibliography.pdf, as required.
BTW, note the equal sign on the second "dvips" command.  That's
because of the \setcounter command mentioned previously, and can be
omitted if you don't use \setcounter.

Of course, if you're not using Unix, you'll need to check your
particular system's documentation on dvips and ps2pdf.

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