[texhax] Copyright (c)

Brett W. McCoy bmccoy at chapelperilous.net
Thu Oct 23 20:16:00 CEST 2003

Junghoon Suh wrote:
> Dear, whom it may concern.
> I'd like to ask a question through this LaTeX support group.
> How can I put @ when I write Copyright ?
> For example, Copyright @ Junghoon Suh, 2003.
> Here, the letter inside of @ is c instead of a.
> Do you happen to know how to type a little circle that has a letter 'c' inside 
> ?

\copyright is what you need to put in your LaTeX file.

Technically, IIRC, if you have 'Copyright 2003 by blah blah blah', the 
use of the copyright symbol is redundant.  You just need one or the 
other, at least in the US, not necessarily both.

-- Brett
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