[texhax] MikTex 2.3 graphicx bmp

Philip G. Ratcliffe philipratcliffe at tiscali.it
Mon Oct 20 16:32:12 CEST 2003

> I have just installed MikTeX 2.3. On using the package includegraphicx
> Latex stopped with an error on "includegraphics{test.bmp}": test.bb note
> found
> On investigating this error I realized:
> - the bmpdemo.tex in samples\graphics\bmp compiles correctly, but there
> are files
>   ..\..\..\images\muktex-logo.bmp and ..\..\..\images\muktex-logo.bb
> - ..\..\..\images\muktex-logo.bb seems to be created by ebb.exe
> (miktex\bin)
> I did not find any hint on a change of the graphicx-package or on ebb in
> the documentation. I would be happy on any information on the changes
> and on the usage of ebb.exe (if it has to be used.)

Here's an old reply of mine to the MiKTeX list to this somewhat FAQ (if you
read graphics.dvi carefully there is enough information in there).

The graphic file (.bmp, .ps, .eps, .gif, .jpg etc.) must also contain some
definition of the "natural" size of the figure.  LaTeX only "understands"
the PostScript method, which is called the bounding box, in .ps/.eps files
you will find something like the following:

%%BoundingBox: 51 48 358 389

where the interpretation is

%%BoundingBox: llx lly urx ury

(ll=lower-left, ur=upper-right)

This tells the printing device where the limits of the picture are in the
postscript internal coordinates.

If such a line is not contained in the file then LaTeX must be informed
externally.  Hence, either you put bb=llx lly urx ury into the [] delimited
argument of \includegraphics or provide a file o:/bilder/S_einst2.bb, as
already suggested.

As an aside, a rather good way to include non-postscript graphics in LaTeX
one can use the application jpeg2ps (obtainable from CTAN) to enclose a .jpg
file in a postcript "wrapper", which merely means that a suitable
boundingbox is added.

Cheers,  Philip G. Ratcliffe

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