[texhax] MikTex 2.3 graphicx bmp

Dieter Kilsch kilsch at fh-bingen.de
Mon Oct 20 11:30:33 CEST 2003


I have just installed MikTeX 2.3. On using the package includegraphicx
Latex stopped with an error on "includegraphics{test.bmp}": test.bb note

On investigating this error I realized:
- the bmpdemo.tex in samples\graphics\bmp compiles correctly, but there
are files
  ..\..\..\images\muktex-logo.bmp and ..\..\..\images\muktex-logo.bb
- ..\..\..\images\muktex-logo.bb seems to be created by ebb.exe

I did not find any hint on a change of the graphicx-package or on ebb in
the documentation. I would be happy on any information on the changes
and on the usage of ebb.exe (if it has to be used.)

Herzliche Grüße,
Dieter Kilsch

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