[texhax] easy update of teTeX on Linux?

Christopher W. Ryan cryan at binghamton.edu
Sun Oct 5 20:43:48 CEST 2003

I probably wasn't clear in my question.  I'm wondering not about getting 
a new complete teTeX installation, but about adding functions that are 
not part of teTeX.  That's what I meant by adding packages.

For example, "prosper" is a package that makes slides for projection. I 
dont' seem to have prosper on my machine currently.  Is it an integral 
part of teTeX that would arrive if I upgraded my current teTeX?  If not 
, is there an easy way to get it and have it installed properly (on 
MikTeX on Windows it is extremely easy.)

As another example, there are a whole host of .sty files out there.  If 
I needed one that is not currently installed, is there a way to locate 
it easily and install it?  Or would I have to download a .tar.gz file, 
unzip/untar it, and then put all the pieces into the proper places manually?



Jeroen Wijnhout wrote:
> On Sunday 05 October 2003 19:14, Christopher W. Ryan wrote:
>>I have used MikTeX on Win98 a bit, although I am still a novice.  I like
>>the MikTeX package manager utility:  it makes it very easy for me to see,
>>in a GUI sort of way, what packages are installed and not installed, and it
>>makes it easy to install new ones.
>>I now have moved to a dual boot Win 98--Linux RH9 system, mainly to get my
>>feet wet with LInux and see if I can learn it, and if I like it.
>>Does teTeX have a similarly easy way to install new packages?  Doesn't have
>>to be GUI for my tastes, but something that puts all the new little files
>>into all the right places automatically would be nice.
> For RedHat you can use RPMs (RedHat Package Manager). Get the latest teTeX RPM 
> from the net and install it as follows:
> 1. login as root
> 2. type at the command line
>      rpm -U name_of_rpm_file.rpm
> Most distributions have some GUI to auto-install the RPMs. SuSE comes with 
> YaST2 and YOU, with YaST2 you only have to click on the RPM in the file 
> browser to install it. I have no experience with RedHat, perhaps there is 
> something like it too.
> best,
> Jeroen

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