[texhax] Tex and Latex

Russell Shaw rjshaw at iprimus.com.au
Fri May 30 04:08:36 CEST 2003

Brian {Hamilton Kelly} wrote:
> Russell Shaw wrote:
>>I'm writing a users/service manual and it doesn't fit into the
>>latex classes of book or report well. Is latex designed to be
>>easily adjusted so that i can change all the book-class numbering
>>and heading conventions for chapters/sections?
> Without wanting to appear to be rude, are you SURE that you are competent to
> make those choices (especially of you are thinking that it will involve
> changes to font sizes)?  One of the great advantages of LaTeX is that many
> of the standard styles were designed by competent typographers, who applied
> the rules that have been learnt by real printers over five centuries of
> typesetting.  95% of the population are NOT competent at document design;
> yet squillions of people happily think they are fit to perform this
> specialized task, simple because horrors such as Microsoft Word have
> provided them with the ability to make their own [bad] choices.

I wrote a technical instruction and service manual
based on some old Tektronix manuals i have. The layout is very clean
and simple. I found that the "article" class was suitable because it
has a title-page option. I don't think latex was intended for these
types of manuals.

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