[texhax] Tex and Latex

Brian {Hamilton Kelly} B.Hamilton.Kelly at rmcs.cranfield.ac.uk
Thu May 29 18:19:49 CEST 2003

Russell Shaw wrote:

> I'm writing a users/service manual and it doesn't fit into the
> latex classes of book or report well. Is latex designed to be
> easily adjusted so that i can change all the book-class numbering
> and heading conventions for chapters/sections?

Without wanting to appear to be rude, are you SURE that you are competent to
make those choices (especially of you are thinking that it will involve
changes to font sizes)?  One of the great advantages of LaTeX is that many
of the standard styles were designed by competent typographers, who applied
the rules that have been learnt by real printers over five centuries of
typesetting.  95% of the population are NOT competent at document design;
yet squillions of people happily think they are fit to perform this
specialized task, simple because horrors such as Microsoft Word have
provided them with the ability to make their own [bad] choices.

Brian {HK}

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