[texhax] epstopdf bounding box not found

David Vannucci d.vannucci at ee.wits.ac.za
Wed May 28 07:58:21 CEST 2003

Hello All,

I am hoping someone knows what is going on because I don't!
I am using windows epstopdf.exe and gs 7.04
I have a visio picture. I want it to be in pdf so this is what I do:

Print to a PS printer. WORKING (HP Color LaserJet 8500 PS)
Open in GS. WORKING (DSC errors, Appendix 1: PS DSC Errors)
Convert PS to EPS (automatically calculate the bounding box). WORKING  (DSC
Errors Appendix 1: PS DSC Errors and  Appendix 2: EPS DSC Errors)
Open the EPS (WORKING), I can see the bounding box.
Convert the EPS to PDF, epstopdf "test.eps" (Warning, Appendix 3:
Converting test.eps to test.pdf .....  (80x22 mm) ... atended %%BoundingBox:
not found

Open in Adobe, the diagram is in top left of page instead of whole page.

I am unable to work out what is going on, I fixed the DSC errors, I tried
other printers. I have also tried epstopdf --hires "test.eps", to no avail.

What really bugs me the most is that if the pdf is opened in Adobe Acrobat
the white space can be cropped just like in the eps bounding box. These
problems all started when I moved from an old (non Microsoft) Visio to
Microsoft Visio Professional 2002, and the eps export function inexplicably
broke, coincidence?.

d.vannucci at ee.wits.ac.za

Appendix 1: PS DSC Errors
At line 400:
  /languagelevel where {pop languagelevel} {1} ifelse dup 2 ge
{currentglobal exch true setglobal globaldict} {userdict} ifelse /GpPBeg
{gsave initclip 16 dict begin /c {curveto} def /l {lineto} def /m {moveto}
def /NP {newpath} def /CP {closepath} def /SC

Appendix 2: EPS DSC Errors
At line 7:
%%BoundingBox: (atend)
This comment is duplicated in the header, which is unnecessary

Appendix 3: Epstopdf.exe
Converting test.eps to test.pdf .....  (80x22 mm) ... atended %%BoundingBox:
not found

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