[texhax] EPS with graphicx and PDF output

Kaja P. Christiansen kaja at daimi.au.dk
Thu Jun 12 14:42:49 CEST 2003

zsdc writes:

 > I have a somehow related question. I used things like this in LaTeX:
 > \usepackage{graphicx}
 > % (...)
 > \includegraphics[angle=15]{logo.eps}
 > to include PostScript graphics in PostScript output of dvips with 
 > success and great results, but it doesn't work with pdflatex, 

You have to convert your PostScript figure to a format which pdflatex
understands; have a look at the UK-TUG FAQ, in particular:


 > Do I then have to use different source 
 > code for my documents which are going to be processed by pdflatex, than 
 > for those which are to be processed by latex and dvips? 

If you simply remove file extension, e.g.:


your system should be able to pick up PostScript file when running
LaTeX and PDF file when running pdfLaTeX.

 > And by the way, 
 > is it possible to use graphicx in plain TeX, instead of LaTeX?

Try the following (under Unix):

   more `kpsewhich graphicx.sty`

and you'll see:


So the answer to your question is no; graphicx package requires LaTeX.


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