[texhax] EPS with graphicx and PDF output

zsdc zsdc at wp.pl
Wed Jun 11 04:07:57 CEST 2003

Pierre MacKay wrote:

>Don was explicitly concerned to avoid feature creep.  TeX is a typesetting
>language, not a generalized graphjics language.  TeXdraw, and other similar
>packages allow several sorts of (pseudo-)floating point operations to
>be specified in TeX macros, but since TeX, through dvips, makes PostScript
>available, the usual practice is to do one's graphics in some sort of
>PostScript tool and then import them into TeX.
I have a somehow related question. I used things like this in LaTeX:

% (...)

to include PostScript graphics in PostScript output of dvips with 
success and great results, but it doesn't work with pdflatex, and I was 
wondering how I could make a LaTeX file, which would work for PostScript 
as well as for PDF output. Do I have to convert EPS file to some other 
format to use it in PDF files? Do I then have to use different source 
code for my documents which are going to be processed by pdflatex, than 
for those which are to be processed by latex and dvips? And by the way, 
is it possible to use graphicx in plain TeX, instead of LaTeX?


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