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Ing. Alessio Plebe alessio at ylem.njit.edu
Tue Jun 3 02:51:58 CEST 2003

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From: "narendran subu" <narendran_9 at yahoo.com>

> I'm tex user. I want to know how to wirte latex class
> and style file.
> Regards 
> S. Narendran

I think several of the reply you got are too much discouraging.
It is certainly not easy and for experts only the job of writing
public packages, but for your own use, I personally see it easy and
I'm not a professional package writer at all, I just started to
put definitions in the top of my files, then I found many advantages
of collecting all of them inside a package (just an example: you are
in trouble redefining commands with "@" directly in LaTeX), now I'm
plenty of packages, and for any new work I first adapt one of my previous.
An excellent and short tutorial is section A.3 of the "LaTeX Companion"
of Goossens-Mittelbach-Samarin.


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