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Einar Arnason einar at kjoi.lif.hi.is
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there is a package called lineno by Stephan I. B"ottcher that does the


and to get the linenumbers you give the command 

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On Mon, 2 Jun 2003, Peter Kravanja wrote:

> Hello,
> Is there a package available that adds an automatically calculated line 
> number to each line of a LaTeX 2e document? 
> I'm writing an article in a language that's not my mother tongue. My text 
> will be reread by someone who doesn't use LaTeX. I'll send a PDF file and 
> will receive comments back in the form of "page n, line x, change this". 
> It will be easier for the other person if line numbers are already part 
> of the document that she receives. And I'd like to use a package that allows
> me simply to turn this feature on/off. 
> Many thanks,
> Peter Kravanja
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