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Piyas Samanta eepiyas at ust.hk
Mon Dec 29 04:57:34 CET 2003

Dear Expert,

At the outset let me take an opportunity to express my sincere gratitude
to the tug for their nice monumental work on MikTex software. I'm writing
this letter seeking your expert help to resolve my problem in
incorporating PS figure in latex document. Attached please find a tex file
and the figure in ps format generated by Generic PS Printer in Windows
The figure ("testfig.ps") can be separately viewed using GSVIEW. However,
the dvi file (tst.dvi) after compiling with latex2e in Miktex cannot be

Could you please suggest to get rid of this problem of creating PS file from
Generic Post Script printer driver. I also have tried with adobe PS
driver. However, the same problem arises. If you suggest other PS driver
to convert window based figure file, please send me by e-mail.

Looking forward to your help and suggestions.


Dr. Piyas Samanta
RA, EEE Dept.
HKUST, Clear Water Bay Road
Kowloon, Hong Kong

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\textwidth 17cm
\textheight 24cm
\topmargin -1cm
\oddsidemargin -8pt

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