[texhax] changed deskjet fonts

Torsten.Tittmann at gmx.de Torsten.Tittmann at gmx.de
Sun Dec 14 22:24:27 CET 2003

Hi all,

maybe may question is a little bit silly, but I spent some time in finding the error.
So I hope that someone has a tip for me.

Now my question:
I moved from an old SuSE 7.2 installation to a debian 3.0 installation and after 
installing the tetex packages I got a problem with the generated deskjet500 fonts.

The new generated fonts are very bold and thumbed, like an old 9pin needle printer.

I've tried to duplicate the settings with texconfig and checked the configuration 
files like mode.mf, mktex.cnf, etc.
I also checked the the commandline of the mktexpk call, but it's identical.
I also checked the tfm files, which arn't differ. But the pk files differ.

Since I still have both installation I tried to find the reason. But alsa without 

So if one of you have an idea I will be pleased.

Thanks in advance

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