[texhax] changed deskjet fonts

Torsten.Tittmann at gmx.de Torsten.Tittmann at gmx.de
Wed Dec 17 12:06:21 CET 2003

Hi all,

after spending some time in additional investigations I found the reason for my trouble.
It wasn't the TeX-system!
I havn't configured the right printing device driver.

Sorry for my request and goodbye

Torsten.Tittmann at gmx.de wrote:
> Hi all,
> maybe may question is a little bit silly, but I spent some time in 
> finding the error.
> So I hope that someone has a tip for me.
> Now my question:
> I moved from an old SuSE 7.2 installation to a debian 3.0 installation 
> and after installing the tetex packages I got a problem with the 
> generated deskjet500 fonts.
> The new generated fonts are very bold and thumbed, like an old 9pin 
> needle printer.
> I've tried to duplicate the settings with texconfig and checked the 
> configuration files like mode.mf, mktex.cnf, etc.
> I also checked the the commandline of the mktexpk call, but it's identical.
> I also checked the tfm files, which arn't differ. But the pk files differ.
> Since I still have both installation I tried to find the reason. But 
> alsa without success.
> So if one of you have an idea I will be pleased.
> Thanks in advance
> Torsten
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