[texhax] (another) texinfo manual for LaTeX

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Dec 13 02:06:58 CET 2003

    I'd personally love it if LaTeX was as wonderfully "self-documenting"

Me too.

Besides the existing Texinfo document, the two other main reference
documents I know are:
(for latex 2.09, and not maintained, as the author passed away;
copyright status murky, at least to me.)

an ambitious project with an original source in Docbook (which can be
translated into Texinfo, although it is not as of now).  This is the
most active project I know of; they made a release recently.  They are
soliciting assistance, I hope you are inspired :).

For a list of other doc links, including the FAQ entry, see

All the best,

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