[texhax] (another) texinfo manual for LaTeX

Joe Corneli jcorneli at math.utexas.edu
Fri Dec 12 20:14:50 CET 2003

In Emacs, I can call up the LaTeX2e help pages, version 1.6
via C-h i (etc.).

This documentation doesn't go far into the details.  Is there
another manual that will go further into detail?

I'm thinking of something like the Elisp manual, which provides
details that go above and beyond the standard Emacs manual,
particularly specializing in vital information for Elisp programming.

I'd personally love it if LaTeX was as wonderfully "self-documenting"
as Emacs.  (In Emacs you can hit C-h f RET with the cursor behind a
function and get the documentation for that function, with a link to
the definition; in theory something very similar should be possible
for LaTeX code.)

If this sort of texinfo manual is not out there, has anyone thought
about writing such a resource (probably doing a (partially) automated
conversion from some other extant resource)?  I'd be interested in
helping with such a project if it exists.


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