[texhax] pagenumbering

Renju Zacharia zacharia at fhi-berlin.mpg.de
Thu Dec 4 19:25:37 CET 2003

Hi Phil, Fairbairns, Manoj and others,

>Well, it should work.  Of course, I was assuming you were using LaTeX, but
>then you didn't bother to say.
Sorry for not being specific. It is out of  just ignorance. i did not 
know that command in  TeX is different from that in LaTeX.
I use LaTeX

Here is part of the code.

%-------------------- Draft mode 
\setlength{\hfuzz}{20pt} % Don't bother to report over-full boxes if 
over-edge is < 2pt
\setlength{\emergencystretch}{30pt} %

%--------------------- Packages 

\renewcommand{\cftchapfont}{  % Numbers in the braces adjusted to get 
aestetic quality
\fontsize{13}{13}\usefont{OT1}{phv}{bc}{n}\selectfont }


\pagestyle{fancy} \fancyhead{} \fancyhead[RO]{\slshape
\nouppercase \rightmark}
 \fancyhead[LE]{\slshape \nouppercase \leftmark}

\pagenumbering{roman} \setcounter{page}{1}


\pagenumbering{arabic} \setcounter{page}{1}

I tried in between to work around, unfortunately I could not devote much 
time on that. If any of you can tell me where I am going wrong, helps a lot.

Thank you all once again,

>>If dont bother, a link to the Fairbairns would have helped a lot instead
>>of  "180/322 questions".
>I didn't have a link, but googling The UK TEX FAQ Your 322 Questions gets
>the latest version first time (which has been updated to 338 so it's
>actually Q. 182).
>But the question is: why am I doing the googling for you?
>>If one gives a search in net for the above document(UK TEX FAQ), IMHO,
>>one cannot dig out the ~~~~/FAQ180.html  unlike other question numbers.
>>Also if one gives a rapid search in net for page numbering, styles, etc,
>>one will end up with around 95++% the normal pagenumbering styles ONLY
>>which  I consider as a trivial. The present situation in not dealt in
>>most of them(sorry for loose quantification).
>But many of them explain a little of what they do and can be modified.
>>A bit of frustration is after reading handful of introductory manuals
>>and not finding even a hint of what can be done on it.
>I assume you missed the "Gentle Introduction to TeX" (distributed with
>MiKTeX), see page 28 in the English version.

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