[texhax] LaTex help?!

Jeroen Wijnhout Jeroen.Wijnhout at kdemail.net
Wed Dec 3 10:17:31 CET 2003

On Tuesday 02 December 2003 10:05, lars.modig at electrolux.se wrote:
> On the Linux system I've mounted the w98 hard drive and copied the tex
> files to linux. When Kile displays the text it can't display åäö correctly.
> Is this because I've copied it from w98, should I put it on a CD first? I
> think I use the correct ISO -8859-1.

You can select the encoding in several ways:
o Go to the sidebar and select the "Open File" tab. At the bottom there is a 
drop-down menu, select your encoding here.
o For version 1.6: go to the menu: View->Set Encoding and select your encoding 

Of course, you need to be sure that the file is actually saved in latin1 
(ISO-8859-1 ) encoding. If you continue having problems, you can send me a 
test file (so I can see what is wrong).

> One final question. Right now I'm gather my grandfathers memoirs and I
> would try to print it so that he could get it in Christmas gift. He see a
> little bad so I would like to do the font a little bigger is it possible to
> make it to 16pt or something like that.

Pass an option to the documentclass, e.g.:


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