[texhax] LaTex help?!

lars.modig at electrolux.se lars.modig at electrolux.se
Tue Dec 2 10:05:30 CET 2003

I have troubles using LaTex with Swedish hyphenation.

I've a dual boot system with Linux and w98. On the w98 I use MikTex and on
the Linux RH9 system I use Kile.  With MikTex I've marked Swedish language
support but I got this in the log file "Can't find hyphenation pattern for
Swedish use language = 0 instead"

On the Linux system I've mounted the w98 hard drive and copied the tex
files to linux. When Kile displays the text it can't display åäö correctly.
Is this because I've copied it from w98, should I put it on a CD first? I
think I use the correct ISO -8859-1.

I really would like to get LaTex work on my Linux system but if I just
could get it working on any of this system it would be great.

One final question. Right now I'm gather my grandfathers memoirs and I
would try to print it so that he could get it in Christmas gift. He see a
little bad so I would like to do the font a little bigger is it possible to
make it to 16pt or something like that.

Thank for any help.

Regards, Lars


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