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Dear Roger,

with inspiration from Salomon's Advanced TeXBook I found the following:

    \hbox to 140pt{


  out there
  in a
  in a


Best Regards


On Wed, 10 Apr 2002, Roger Gawley wrote:

> Can anyone help? I am trying to format a document using plain TeX. There
> any many instances of a structure like this:
>    Concertina Workshop                         Now out of print but
>    Tutor for the English Concertina            excellent if you can
>    by Alistair Anderson                        get it. Folk oriented.
>    Topic Records Ltd                           Accompanying record
>    50 Stroud Green Road                        used to be available, but
>    London N4 3EF                               not necessary.(Authorised)
>    England                                     photocopies available from
>                                                Andy's Front Hall,
>                                                Voorheesville, NY
> I have tried to adapt a macro that I have used for addresses for years
> (if you are the long-forgotten contibutor of this macro, many thanks)
> \def\address#1=#2={\hbox{\hsize3truein\vtop{#1}\hfil\vtop{#2}}\bigskip}
> {\obeylines
> \address
> Tony Young
> Mowbray House
> Crook
> Co. Durham
> DL15 9JG
> =
> Roger Gawley
> 17 Dryburn Road
> Durham
> DH1 5AJ
> =
> }% stop obeying lines
> But I really want lines to be obeyed in the lefthand box, #1, but not in
> the righthand, #2, box. It seems that \obeylines is more subtle than I
> though because no ammount of moving it around seems to produce what I am
> after.
> Can anyone spot what I am missing, or more positively, tell me how to get
> the effect I am after?
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