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Roger Gawley Roger.Gawley at
Wed Apr 10 15:25:04 CEST 2002

Can anyone help? I am trying to format a document using plain TeX. There
any many instances of a structure like this:

   Concertina Workshop                         Now out of print but
   Tutor for the English Concertina            excellent if you can
   by Alistair Anderson                        get it. Folk oriented.
   Topic Records Ltd                           Accompanying record
   50 Stroud Green Road                        used to be available, but
   London N4 3EF                               not necessary.(Authorised)
   England                                     photocopies available from
                                               Andy's Front Hall,
                                               Voorheesville, NY
I have tried to adapt a macro that I have used for addresses for years
(if you are the long-forgotten contibutor of this macro, many thanks)

Tony Young
Mowbray House
Co. Durham
DL15 9JG
Roger Gawley
17 Dryburn Road
}% stop obeying lines

But I really want lines to be obeyed in the lefthand box, #1, but not in
the righthand, #2, box. It seems that \obeylines is more subtle than I
though because no ammount of moving it around seems to produce what I am

Can anyone spot what I am missing, or more positively, tell me how to get
the effect I am after?

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