[tex4ht] tex4ht options, figure placement and exerquiz

Tomas Davidek Tomas.Davidek at cern.ch
Mon Jan 11 18:38:51 CET 2021

On 1/10/21 11:18 PM, Michal Hoftich wrote:
> Hi Tomáš,
>> 1. I wanted to experiment with various tex4ht options. I only found 
>> those listed in http://cvr.cc/?p=504. This list seems pretty old, can 
>> you point me to more up-to-date list of options, ideally more 
>> descriptive? For instance, I am looking for an option splitting the 
>> document into individual pages according to sections, so I tried e.g. 
>> make4ht -c split.cfg -u filename.tex "1", but no change wrt the 
>> default behaviour.
> The updated version is here: 
> https://www.kodymirus.cz/tex4ht-doc/texfourhtOptions.html
> It contains some new options, but I think the descriptions for the old 
> ones are mostly the same.
> Regarding spliting into indivitual pages, you should try "2" or "3" 
> options instead. Option 1 splits pages only on \part commands, "2" on 
> \chapter, "3" on \section etc.
Thanks Michal, this approached I already tried, but running make4ht on 
my rather complex document crashes when I specify "2" or more. I tried a 
simple testing case with few lines and few sections and that works 
perfectly as expected. So, I guess I need to run more test to narrow 
down the problematic part(s).
>> 2. a detail regarding the figure placement. The LaTeX code
>> \begin{figure}
>>   \centering
>> \includegraphics[width=0.49\linewidth]{figures/kinematika/k0long_lips.eps} 
>> \includegraphics[width=0.49\linewidth]{figures/kinematika/dplus_lips.eps} 
>>   \caption{The figure caption....}
>>   \label{fig:invariant_mass_distrib_example}
>> \end{figure}
>> normally results in two plots side-by-side, but in HTML the pictures 
>> are organized one on top of the other. Is there a way to restore the 
>> original behaviour?
> You can try this configuration file:
> \Preamble{xhtml}
> \Css{figure.figure img { display: inline; }}
> \begin{document}
> \EndPreamble
> The important is the \Css command.

Great, this works out-of-the-box.

Regarding exerquiz, I think we should move it another thread, there seem 
to be more problems. I will initiate a new thread.



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