[tex4ht] using -d folder with make4ht issue

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Fri Sep 14 02:36:27 CEST 2018

When using make4ht command such as this

make4ht -ulm default
      -e ~/new.mk4 -c ~/nma.cfg
      -f html5+dvisvgm_hashes
      -d exam exam.tex "htm,0,pic-align,notoc*,p-width,svg"

Where the -d option above tells it to put all the files in the
folder exam/, I noticed that make4ht copies all the hashed
file .svg files the the exam/ folder, but it should
be moving them instead:

parse_lg process file: exam-479a9aefa44a0e7ead0f321f99e3e946.svg
outdir: exam/
Copy: cp "exam-479a9aefa44a0e7ead0f321f99e3e946.svg" "exam"

So one ends with a copy of all the svg files both in the current
folder and also in the destination folder given by -d option.

Since the whole point of using -d is to keep the current folder
where the latex file is clean and move all the generated files
during the compile to the child folder, it is possible to change
this behaviour to make it use "mv" instead of "cp" ?

I am using latest TL 2018, updated about 2 hrs ago.

>which make4ht
>make4ht --version
make4ht version v0.2c


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