[tex4ht] Huge update of tex4ht-fonts-noncjk.tex

Michal Hoftich michal.h21 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 12:47:28 CEST 2015

Hi Karl,

> Fantastic.  Committed (r150).  I took the liberty of renaming the lua
> and tex to t1fontmake.lua and t1fontsample.tex, hoping that will help
> find them in the future.  I also added most of your email message to
> tex4ht-fonts-noncjk.tex as commentary in that chapter.
> I'll install all the new "light" htf files in TL when updates resume there.

great :)

>     Huge update
> Indeed.  It would be nice to split up the huge source files into smaller
> pieces.  It gets hard to figure out what is in them.
> For instance, looking at where the \Chapter commands are in noncjk, it
> looks like the "Adobe" chapter deserves its own file.  And your new
> "Converted" chapter could be its own file too.  Maybe ...

it seems like a good idea, for example `modern
> As for other support, it seems nothing comes easy.  For instance, tfm
> names *-ot1.tfm (LaTeX name) should correspond to *7t.htf (fontname
> name), but the only non-alias *7t.htf I see are:
>   ht-fonts/unicode/adobe/courier/pcrr7t.htf - monospace
>   ht-fonts/unicode/adobe/courier/pcrrc7t.htf - monospace, small caps?
>   ht-fonts/unicode/adobe/times/ptmrc7t.htf - regular + small caps
>   ht-fonts/unicode/adobe/times/ptmri7t.htf - italic
> Why italic?  No idea.  And these might well be specially for the Adobe
> base35 fonts, despite the name.  And since there are no comments
> explaining what the encoding actually is, it will be laborious to
> discover where the differences are.
> The Cyrillic encodings *t2a, t2b, t2c, x2, might correspond (somewhat)
> to existing *z.htf files.
> Can we not generate .htf files from .enc files?  In the new font
> packages, there should be an enc file for every user-intended tfm,
> defined in the .map file in the package.
> Anyway. Just stray thoughts.  Thanks so much for all your work,
> Karl

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