[tex4ht] Huge update of tex4ht-fonts-noncjk.tex

Michal Hoftich michal.h21 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 12:56:26 CEST 2015

> it seems like a good idea, for example `modern

sorry, I accidentally sent the mail too soon.

modern fonts are included in their own file, we may cut the huge
tex4ht-fonts-noncjk.tex into many smaller files.

>> As for other support, it seems nothing comes easy.  For instance, tfm
>> names *-ot1.tfm (LaTeX name) should correspond to *7t.htf (fontname
>> name), but the only non-alias *7t.htf I see are:
>>   ht-fonts/unicode/adobe/courier/pcrr7t.htf - monospace
>>   ht-fonts/unicode/adobe/courier/pcrrc7t.htf - monospace, small caps?
>>   ht-fonts/unicode/adobe/times/ptmrc7t.htf - regular + small caps
>>   ht-fonts/unicode/adobe/times/ptmri7t.htf - italic

it is only important that character codes corresponds, the styling
information is included in the light .htf files. But we may of cource
create new master .htf file using htfgen for some font, verify that
all characters are correct and then reference to it.

>> The Cyrillic encodings *t2a, t2b, t2c, x2, might correspond (somewhat)
>> to existing *z.htf files.
>> Can we not generate .htf files from .enc files?  In the new font
>> packages, there should be an enc file for every user-intended tfm,
>> defined in the .map file in the package.

we can, this is what htfgen does, but we may get too many huge files
as the result. but sometimes it is nearly impossible to find usable
.enc files, for example I've tried to make fonts for `LGR` fontenc and
couldn't find anything usable, the HTML contained different characters
than the source file.

>> Anyway. Just stray thoughts.  Thanks so much for all your work,
>> Karl



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