[tex4ht] Huge update of tex4ht-fonts-noncjk.tex

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Jun 7 23:50:57 CEST 2015

Hi Michal,

(Sorry for the delayed reply.)

    Lua file, sample TeX file and patch for tex4ht-fonts-noncjk.tex are

Fantastic.  Committed (r150).  I took the liberty of renaming the lua
and tex to t1fontmake.lua and t1fontsample.tex, hoping that will help
find them in the future.  I also added most of your email message to
tex4ht-fonts-noncjk.tex as commentary in that chapter.

I'll install all the new "light" htf files in TL when updates resume there.

    Huge update

Indeed.  It would be nice to split up the huge source files into smaller
pieces.  It gets hard to figure out what is in them.  

For instance, looking at where the \Chapter commands are in noncjk, it
looks like the "Adobe" chapter deserves its own file.  And your new
"Converted" chapter could be its own file too.  Maybe ...

As for other support, it seems nothing comes easy.  For instance, tfm
names *-ot1.tfm (LaTeX name) should correspond to *7t.htf (fontname
name), but the only non-alias *7t.htf I see are:
  ht-fonts/unicode/adobe/courier/pcrr7t.htf - monospace
  ht-fonts/unicode/adobe/courier/pcrrc7t.htf - monospace, small caps?
  ht-fonts/unicode/adobe/times/ptmrc7t.htf - regular + small caps
  ht-fonts/unicode/adobe/times/ptmri7t.htf - italic

Why italic?  No idea.  And these might well be specially for the Adobe
base35 fonts, despite the name.  And since there are no comments
explaining what the encoding actually is, it will be laborious to
discover where the differences are.

The Cyrillic encodings *t2a, t2b, t2c, x2, might correspond (somewhat)
to existing *z.htf files.

Can we not generate .htf files from .enc files?  In the new font
packages, there should be an enc file for every user-intended tfm,
defined in the .map file in the package.

Anyway. Just stray thoughts.  Thanks so much for all your work,

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