[tex4ht] Is there a way to pass the Latex code directly to the HTML page for MathJax use?

William F Hammond hammond at csc.albany.edu
Sun Oct 20 02:18:11 CEST 2013

"Nasser M. Abbasi" <nma at 12000.org> writes:

> I am using MathJax to render the math in the HTML pages
> generated by htlatex.
> I found some issues with the MathML code generated by htlatex.
> When I copy the latex code directly, and put it in the HTML
> page, then the result is the correct one, and it looks better
> than when using MathML.
> So, my question is, is there a way in htlatex configuration,
> to tell it is pass the latex code directly to the HTML file,
> so that when I use MathJax, it will render the way I prefer it?

Not quickly.  See the previous thread here
"not translating math", e.g.,

Moreover, the last time I checked the MathJax folk recommend that
translation programs use MathML rather than TeX.  Also note that when
TeX is used in HTML, the MathJax processor converts it to MathML
before rendering it.

Aside from that, this problem does not lie with the way MathJax
typesets MathML.  I say this because I produced a different mathjaxed
MathML version for your examples using gellmu that is here:

You haven't shown us tex4ht actual output, and I haven't run your
source through tex4ht to check what's going on.  Perhaps you might
want to compare it with the example I gave.  In so doing don't forget
to check up on the css.

                              -- Bill

P.S.  I think in your examples the two uses of \overset might be
re-visited.  \overset{\rightarrow}{x} might be replaced by \vec{x} (a
math accent, somewhat different rendering) and \overset{\centerdot}{x}
might be replaced by \dot{x} (another math accent).  Also you might
(or might not) want to use dotless i and j.

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