[tex4ht] Is there a way to pass the Latex code directly to the HTML page for MathJax use?

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Sun Oct 20 06:31:07 CEST 2013

On 10/19/2013 7:18 PM, William F Hammond wrote:

> Moreover, the last time I checked the MathJax folk recommend that
> translation programs use MathML rather than TeX.  Also note that when
> TeX is used in HTML, the MathJax processor converts it to MathML
> before rendering it.

Yes, true, but that is exactly my point. Since MathJax converts
Latex to MathML, why have tex4ht do it then? Since I do not see
the same problem(s) when I use MathJax->MathML compared to
tex4ht->MathML on the same copy of the Latex source?

> Aside from that, this problem does not lie with the way MathJax
> typesets MathML.

The problem is that the MathML code itself, generated by tex4ht is
not correct.  MathJax simply uses it as is.

> I say this because I produced a different mathjaxed
> MathML version for your examples using gellmu that is here:
> http://www.albany.edu/~hammond/t4misc/absumovdot.html
> You haven't shown us tex4ht actual output, and I haven't run your
> source through tex4ht to check what's going on.  Perhaps you might
> want to compare it with the example I gave.  In so doing don't forget
> to check up on the css.

I know I need to make better documentation of this problem. I
simply wanted to find out first if there is a easy way to
pass-through the inline and display Latex as is, to the HTML,
and let MathJax convert it to MathML.

If not, I'll document these issues better and send a new post.
Will show the HTML generated and the MathML generated also. But the
problems are there. So that is why I do not now use MathML option,
and went back to original way of asking tex4ht to generate .png for
Math equations.

I also found another problem with the MathML generated by tex4ht not
shown in the 2 examples I posted relating to size of "()" in
some expression. So now there are 3 examples of bad MathML. Also,
I have a post here at Tex Stackexchange of another example, from
sometime ago:


So, I'll make a better report on these new issues, and include all
output and make small working examples.

Thank you, I know of Gellmu, but I have not used it myself.

>                                -- Bill
> P.S.  I think in your examples the two uses of \overset might be
> re-visited.  \overset{\rightarrow}{x} might be replaced by \vec{x} (a
> math accent, somewhat different rendering) and \overset{\centerdot}{x}
> might be replaced by \dot{x} (another math accent).  Also you might
> (or might not) want to use dotless i and j.


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