Correction on OpenBSD 7.3 build failure

Nelson H. F. Beebe beebe at
Wed Mar 15 14:07:05 CET 2023

Werner Lemberg kindly reported puzzlement over the line

	... TeX Live 2023 build died with C++ errors in the
	<TT>freetype</TT> package

in my build reports at the site

I misread the build log file, and that line has since been corrected:

<             errors in the <TT>freetype</TT> package.
>             errors in the <TT>teckit</TT> package.

I do not believe that teckit is at fault here.  The problem is really
that there are many variants (and ISO Standards) for C++, and
portability of software written in that language has always been
problematic in my extensive experience. It is also why I do not myself
produce large software packages in C++.  I have seen far too many
compilation failures of C++ code in other packages when I test them on
scores to hundreds of platforms.

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