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Jonathan Godfrey on the BlindMath list wrote: "My request to anyone
developing LaTeX to HTML solutions is to make it easy for all authors to
use their tools. Offer the authors the chance to make HTML and maybe
they'll choose to make HTML."

Jonathan is a domain expert. He's a blind senior lecturer in statistics. He
made this statement in response to a message from Brian Dunn, regarding the
various LaTeX to HTML tools available (including his own lwarp package).

On the tex-live list, Brian noted that a vanilla install followed by an
install of tex-live results in a missing Perl module error.

Again on the tex-live list Norbert Preining replied that on Unix "It is the
user's responsibility to provide a working perl, and necessary modules for
the programs one uses."

Requiring the manual installation of a Perl module is an obstruction to the
easy use of the LaTeX to HTML tools provided by Brian and others. The
domain expert Jonathan Godfrey recommends that we remove such obstructions.

I think discussion of this question is best held on the tex-live list.

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