SyncTeX not working right with LuaLaTeX in TeX Live

Benedikt Wilde bwilde at
Wed Jan 19 12:25:51 CET 2022

Hello Akira,

that's great to hear, thanks for fixing it. I'll be looking forward to 
the next version then.



On 19/01/2022 05:49, Akira Kakuto wrote:
> Dear Benedikt,
> On 2022/01/19 7:45, Benedikt Wilde wrote:
>> I am experiencing an issue with SyncTeX and LuaLaTeX in TeX Live. When 
>> I run `lualatex` with `-synctex=1`, the synchronization between the 
>> PDF and the TeX file does not work correctly. For example, typesetting 
>> the attached example file and Ctrl + Clicking on the "1" in the 
>> resulting PDF in the TeXstudio previewer takes me to the `3` in the 
>> source. In real documents the difference can be much larger.
>> Searching online I found a matching bug report in TeXstudio's bug 
>> tracker from three years ago [1] but it has long been closed as the 
>> people there deemed it to be a bug in TeX Live. As I could not find 
>> anything else (but the issue is still present in an up to date TeX 
>> Live), I also asked a question about it on Stack Exchange with some 
>> more detail [2].
> That was a bug in lua[...]tex on Windows in TeX Live due to my mistake.
> Sorry for the inconvenience. Here the bug is fixed. Please wait for the 
> TeX Live 2022.
> Best,
> Akira

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