Using tlmgr.bat under bash on MS-Windows

Ulrike Fischer news3 at
Tue Nov 23 14:01:12 CET 2021

Am Mon, 22 Nov 2021 14:30:51 +0000 schrieb Philip Taylor (Hellenic

>> [I]n native linux you can have a PDF document open in a
>> linux viewer and generate a new version. For  Windows Adobe viewers you
>> have to close the PDF view first.
> It is unclear to me what the underlying reason for this discrepancy is.  
> Using (e.g.,) MS Word, I can save an MS Word document as Adobe PDF.  If 
> the previously-saved version is open in Adobe Acrobat (or in Adobe 
> Acrobat Reader), MS Word forces the PDF to close and then re-opens the 
> newly-saved version.  It seems to me that the TeX sub-system ought to be 
> able to accomplish the same thing.

Which application exactly should do it? Do you really expect
pdflatex to sent dde commands?

It makes imho more sense to delegate this task to the editor. My
editor, winedt, executes the needed commands and so close the pdf if
needed. (I normally use sumatra for viewing which doesn't lock the
pdf, but if I need the Adobe reader to check some feature sumatra
can't handle I can use it.)

Ulrike Fischer

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